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About Yallingup Coffee Roasting Company


After trekking through California, Mexico and every other coffee growing region in the world, soaking up as much information and training as they could, the McConvilles were ready to start the Yallingup Coffee Roasting Company.

Yallingup Coffee opened its doors in Dunsborough in 2000. This thriving business now supplies customers and restaurants Australia wide with their unique blends.

Selecting the best green or unroasted coffee beans is really at the heart of our quest for the best cup of coffee. Just like grapes make a fine wine, green coffee can taste radically different depending on the bean type and how it is processed.

For over 17 years we have been perfecting our unique roasting and blending techniques. We are always tasting new crop beans so we can supply an exotic selection of coffees.  

Enjoy a coffee in our Dunsborough cafe, or place an order for whole or ground beans and we'll deliver them to your door.

We also supply to wholesale customers throughout Australia. No order is too big or too small.


Photo by Freedom Garvey